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  • China’s Tencent bought 12 percent of Snap — and everything else we learned from Snap’s earnings report
  • Uber is asking drivers if they want to provide other on-demand services
  • Razer to raise upwards of $504 million in Hong Kong IPO
  • 70 years of VC innovation
  • New Stars Wars and Marvel TV shows planned for Disney’s streaming service
  • Project Loon delivers internet to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico
  • UPS is converting ‘up to 1,500 delivery trucks’ to battery-electric in New York
  • A hospital without patients
  • Logitech to shut down “service and support” for Harmony Link devices in 2018
  • ‘Stranger Things’ is a real hit: 16 million Americans watched  Season Two premiere, according to Nielsen
  • Spotify has brought in a new head of PR as it gets ready for a 2018 IPO
  • Selling a House to Millennials?
  • Disney Fleshes Out Its Streaming Plans
  • Skyscanner acquired London social media startup Twizoo
  • The 3.8 billion hours of content streamed on Roku’s platform in the third quarter equates to 2.5 hours of daily watch time per user.
  • US smartphone shipments dip in Q3
  • Disney tried to hide the Millennium Falcon with shipping containers — but it’s on Google Maps
  • Amazon brings the Echo to Japan