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  • How much would you pay for Facebook without ads?
  • SpaceX’s president says we’ll be able to take a rocket to Shanghai — or Mars — ‘within a decade
  • A cryptocurrency startup is investing cryptocurrency in a cryptocurrency fund that invests in other cryptocurrency startups
  • Uber users will be able to book e-bikes, buy public transit tickets and rent a car via the Uber app — and it’s all part of a bigger plan
  • AT&T’s 5G trials produce gigabit speeds and 9ms latency
  • Researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover nearly 6,000 previously unknown species of virus.
  • Disney kicks off its streaming future today with ESPN+
  • new Gmail design
  • Apple Music now has over 40 million subscribers
  • Apple is developing a TV show based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series
  • Digital license plates are set to be tested in Dubai
  • Spotify to offer TV and movies in drive to boost growth
  • Retail AR
  • bring #horror movies to life in AR
  • Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last year — more than any other U.S. company