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  • “…Tesla says it has reached a manufacturing milestone, producing more than 5,000 Model 3 sedans in a week. Now the electric-car maker must prove it’s not a one-time achievement...”
  • VW plans to launch an all-electric car sharing service next year
  • The Story Of WinRAR’s Neverending 40-Day Trial
  • A graph of programming languages connected through compilers
  • Is Vertical Farming Really the Future of Agriculture?
  • Home security is expected to be a $47.5 billion business by 2020
  • Google is Reportedly Looking to Take Over Call Centers With Its Duplex AI Assistant…”…The research firm ResearchAndMarkets projects the cloud-based customer call-centre market will reach about $21 billion by 2022—up from $6.8 billion in 2017…”
  • Amazon Takes a Page From Toys ‘R’ Us With a Holiday Catalog
  • Wireless speaker maker Sonos Inc files for IPO
  • Renault aims to launch Paris car-sharing scheme in September
  • “…Netflix will spend $12bn-13bn on content this year, $3bn-4bn more than last year. That extra spending alone would be enough to pay for all of HBO’s programming—or the BBC’s…”