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  • The long list of new Alexa devices Amazon announced at its hardware event
  • Scientists have moved one step closer to RNA editing, which could be the next stage of CRISPR
  • Disney has a million subscribers for its ESPN streaming-only service, which launched in April
  • A Google programmer just published a book of hilarious cartoons that shows what it’s really like to work at the search giant
  • ...This year, according to people familiar with Apple’s production plans, the company prioritized production of its two pricier OLED models…The staggered release gives Apple a month to sell the higher-end models without cheaper competition from itself. It also simplifies logistics and retail demands and could strengthen Apple’s ability to forecast sales and production of all three models through the Christmas holidays, analysts and supply chain experts said… WSJ
  •  Five security settings in iOS 12 you should change right now
  • Polestar unveils first production EV with aim to overtake Tesla
  • Germany’s Self-Driving Streetcar Puts Autonomous Tech on Track
  • Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two — and one part will be led by China
  • Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021