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  • Epic Games, Developer Of Fortnite, Now Valued At More Than $15 Billion... The company has raked in more than $1 billion in revenue from these so-called microtransactions over the past year, according to estimates from SuperData
  • Britain’s mobile challenger bank Monzo has become one of the most valuable startups in Europe, today reaching a £1 billion ($1.31 billion) valuation in its latest funding round
  • IBM is making the third-largest tech acquisition ever
  • Apple’s Mac business now has 100 million active devices
  • Why Airbnb will be worth more than Uber
  • Handshake, a LinkedIn for university students and diversity, raises $40M on a $275M valuation
  • Facebook 100B messages & 1B Stories/day
  • Hydrogen gas trial in western Sydney could unlock $1.7bn in renewable exports
  • Windows 10’s Next Update Brings a “Zoom” Feature to the Console
  • Machine-learning algorithm beats 20 lawyers in NDA legal analysis
  • The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid
  • Visual network map of MegaTrends to 2050
  • The future of the TV and video landscape by 2030