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  • China’s lunar probe makes history by successfully soft-landing on the far side of the moon
  • FT: Chinese merchants refuse cash as mobile payments take off
  • US founders predict the best entrepreneurs will come from these 11 companies
  • Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Alzheimer’s Disease in Brain Scans Six Years Before a Diagnosis
  • Battery-powered, full-body exoskeleton lets users lift 200 pounds
  • Scientists Have ‘Hacked Photosynthesis’ In Search Of More Productive Crops
  • Apple App Store breaks records, customers spent $1.22B in one week
  • Sony Boosts 3D Camera Output After Interest From Phone Makers
  • Challenger bank Monzo has quietly begun working on a U.S. launch
  • Scratch 3.0 is now available
  • 35 years ago, Isaac Asimov’s 2019 predictions
  • Engineers can now reverse-engineer 3D models
  • More than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold