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  • Tesla unveils first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet
  • IBM and Vodafone form $550M venture to develop cloud, 5G and AI business solutions
  • Coursera moves into healthcare education with 100 courses and 2 masters degrees
  • AWS launches Backup, a fully-managed backup service for AWS
  • New pre-seed fund powered by First Round Capital will target recent graduates
  • The history of Netflix price increases in a single chart
  • CES 2019: A Show Report
  • Birds Can See Earth’s Magnetic Fields, And Now We Know How That’s Possible
  • China grows first ever plant on Moon
  • Gradually, Then Suddenly
  • Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge
  • Hydrogen Cells Best Batteries in Hour-Long Drone Test Flight
  • Google’s new US data centers will run on 1.6 million solar panels
  • Industrial Exoskeletons Give Workers a Lift
  • Payments company Square launches debit card for small businesses
  • CES 2019