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  • Lambda School. Link2
  • Rakuten TV expands to 42 European countries, gets direct button on Samsung, LG, Philips and Hisense remotes
  • MIT’s deflated balloon robot hand can pick up objects 100x its own weight
  • Uber reportedly raising $1B in deal that values self-driving car unit at up to $10B
  • Ford is expanding its self-driving vehicle program to Austin
  • A Chinese subway is experimenting with facial recognition to pay for fares
  • The just-published Global Environment Outlook 6 was produced by 250 scientists and experts from more than 70 countries. “…The 700+ page report offers warnings on climate change, biodiversity, and freshwater pollutants, which “will see anti-microbial resistance become a major cause of death by 2050 and endocrine disruptors impact male and female fertility, as well as child neurodevelopment…” [REPORT]
  • Volkswagen boosts electric vehicle production by 50% with 22 million BEVs by 2029
  • U.S. esports advertising revenue to top $200 million by 2020
  • RTL to invest in streaming services
  • Google is reportedly shutting down its in-house VR film studio
  • The web in 30 years? It’ll be beyond our imagination, says Tim Berners-Lee
  • Nine companies are steering the future of artificial intelligence
  • Introducing Scratch 3.0: Expanding the creative possibilities of coding