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  • TransferWise now valued at $3.5B following a new $292M secondary round
  • Revolut launches Group Vaults as an alternative to joint accounts
  • Online ads can be targeted based on your emotions
  • NASA picks satellite maker Maxar to build the first crucial piece of its new lunar space station
  • The Age of Robot Farmers…Picking strawberries takes speed, stamina, and skill. Can a robot do it?
  • 5G could mean less time to flee a deadly hurricane, heads of NASA and NOAA warn…”…It’s because one of the key wireless frequencies earmarked for speedy 5G millimeter wave networks — the 24 GHz band — happens to be very close to the frequencies used by microwave satellites to observe water vapor and detect those changes in the weather. They have the potential to interfere. And according to NASA and NOAA testimony, they could interfere to the point that it delays preparation for extreme weather events…”
  • Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop working with China’s tech giant
  • The Number of ATMs Around the World Has Fallen for the First Time
  • PlayStation believes the streaming era is upon them.”…PlayStation Now expansion a key element of Sony’s next-gen plans. [PDF]
  • ABB launches blockchain-based inverters for solar energy