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  • Microsoft to Test New Videogame-Streaming Project (Paywall)
  • Netflix Exec Reveals Character Details for ‘Stranger Things’ Game, Teases Mobile Content
  • In upcoming versions of iOS and macOS, the new Find My feature will broadcast Bluetooth signals from Apple devices even when they’re offline, allowing nearby Apple devices to relay their location to the cloud
  • A Californian business is using A.I. to change the way we think about energy storage
  • The electric scooter wars won’t end
  • SoftBank launches the Innovation Fund, committing $2B to invest in Latin America
  • Semi-autonomous robots to make decommissioning nuclear reactors faster and safer
  • Barclays estimates Uber has 140,000 drivers in California and Lyft 80,000. That implies that Uber would owe about $222 million in payroll taxes and training costs each year, and Lyft $127 million, if drivers were considered employees.
  • Huawei looks to self-driving cars in bid to broaden AI focus. (Paywall)
  • Lab-Grown Meat Will Overtake Plants by 2040
  • The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here

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