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  • Millennials don’t want to get drunk. What do they want? Apéritifs.
  • SpaceX’s latest Falcon launch has put a solar sail into orbit.”…LightSail is a crowdfunded solar sail project from The Planetary Society. Our LightSail 2 spacecraft, launched 25 June 2019, aims to become the first spacecraft in Earth orbit propelled solely by sunlight…” Kickstarter Campaign Link (2015)
  • Google’s new media literacy program teaches kids how to spot disinformation and fake news
  • Jony Ive is leaving Apple to launch a new firm
  • Enterprise SaaS revenue hits $100B run rate, led by Microsoft and Salesforce
  • NASA restores Apollo Mission Control to its 1969 Moon landing condition
  • The cost of an ad-free internet: $35 more per month
  • The Pentagon has a laser that identifies people by their heartbeat
  • Tesla is quietly developing its own EV battery cells

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