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  • Modern applications at AWS
  • Amazon 2018 Letter to Shareholders
  • How Amazon’s Shipping Empire Is Challenging UPS and FedEx (paywall)
  • Fraudsters Used AI to Mimic CEO’s Voice in Unusual Cybercrime Case (paywall)
  • The Marketing Hype Cycle
  • This DIY Implant Lets You Stream Movies From Inside Your Leg
  • The next Apple Watch could feature sleep tracking
  • UPS introduces hybrid, long-range trucks that change modes based on where they are
  • Porsche expands on-demand subscription plans to four more cities
  • Opportunities for the global semiconductor market…growing market share by embracing AI…[PWC PDF]
  • YouTube launches a dedicated Fashion vertical
  • The US government projects the number of workers over 75 will double in the next decade
  • 60 Uses of Graphene – The Ultimate Guide to Graphene’s (Potential) Applications in 2019
  • Samsung to Launch Smartphone Meant to Make Blockchain Friendlier (paywall)
  • Revenue from recorded music in the U.S. rose 18% to $5.4 billion in the first half of the year (paywall)
  • The Time Netflix Considered Selling Itself to Amazon for Peanuts…In 1998, Netflix’s co-founders made a trip to Seattle that could have changed the world as we know it (paywall)