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  • NASA’s first all-electric experimental X-plane is ready for testing
  • Maisie Williams’ startup Daisie is preparing for new partnerships, funding
  • HTC stopped innovating on smartphones, new CEO admits
  • NASA shares 3D Moon data for CG artists and creators
  • PayPal is the first company to drop out of the Facebook-led Libra Association
  • Amazon’s video app is back in Apple’s App Store. But get ready to see more streaming fights.
  • 3D-printed rocket company to begin commercial launches in 2021
  • The Netherlands Surpasses Wildest Predictions For Tesla Model 3 Sales
  • Nasa invites bids from firms to build lunar lander for 2024 mission
  • The rise of the financial machines (Paywall) “…Funds run by computers that follow rules set by humans account for 35% of America’s stockmarket, 60% of institutional equity assets and 60% of trading activity…”
  • “…Rising precious metals prices are luring criminals to target  catalytic converters which use platinum, palladium or rhodium…”
  • Text-generating AI is getting better and better — but it’s not yet contest-winning good.
  • Watch the Open Future Festival