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  • Virgin Orbit plans to launch first commercial small satellites to Mars
  • Uber’s newest feature alerts drivers that pets will be joining the ride
  • (Pivot) Dyson kills its electric car project and turns to solid-state batteries…Dyson  said it will end its electric vehicle project after determining it could not make the car commercially viable or find a buyer…
  • NASA Administrator ‘very confident’ SpaceX crew launch could happen in early 2020
  • Steam will soon let you play local-only multiplayer games with far off friends
  • Amazon Music arrives on Apple TV
  • Get ready to see more looping videos on Spotify, as Canvas launches into beta
  • Yandex introduces an Echo Dot-style smart speaker
  • Chinese citizens will soon need to scan their face before they can access internet services or get a new phone number
  • Elon Musk says that NASA is free to share all SpaceX IP with ‘anyone it wants
  • Autonomous vehicles won’t save cities without sharing
  • Nanoscale 3D printing technique is 1,000 times faster
  • Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
  • Robots to Replace 200,000 Banking Jobs: Report