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  • Alexa’s voice can now express disappointment and excitement
  • QZ:  The World In 50 Years
  • Pi-rate Radio
  • Farmers Put Cows in VR So They Can Chill
  • Yes, electric vehicles really are better than fossil fuel burners
  • How does a Brain-Computer Interface Work?
  • Scientists hit 21.6% perovskite cell efficiency using concentrator PV
  • Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck already has 200,000 pre-orders
  • Deutsche Telekom looking into a possible merger with Orange: Handelsblatt
  • Google is going to deploy Loon balloons in rural Peru…Loon’s solar-powered balloons reach altitudes of more than 12 miles (19.3 kilometres) above Earth and can cover areas within a 25-mile radius. Over the last decade, the company has improved the balloons’ life span to an average of 150 days (the record so far is 223 days).
  • How heat from the sun could help clean up steel and cement
  • Uber’s Shared Driver Accounts (paywall)