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  • Spotify’s Daniel Ek Has a Plan to Harness Hollywood for Podcasts and Create “the World’s No. 1 Audio Platform
  • Rocket Lab launches 10th Electron mission with successful rocket booster re-entry
  • Media Landscape
  • How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells
  • The first computer chip with a trillion transistors (paywall)
  • Waymo robotaxi app arrives on the App Store
  • 41 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics
  • Amazon pushes cloud revolution into its second phase…AWS offers to put its cloud into the datacentres of its customers (paywall)
  • AWS speeds up Redshift queries 10x with AQUA
  • AWS Launches & Previews at re:Invent 2019 – Tuesday, December 3rd
  • AWS Launches & Previews at re:Invent 2019 – Wednesday, December 4th