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  • Facebook hits 2.5 B users
  • NASA finds real uses for VR and AR in astronomy and engineering
  • Self-driving company Waymo teams up with UPS for package delivery
  • SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink satellites
  • Will you still need a college education in 2040?
    • Traditional colleges will be forced to adapt to meet the needs of employers
    • We’re going to see more and more alternatives to traditional colleges
    • Soft skills will continue to be important, but most jobs will require a high level of technological competence
    • Specialists will be more valued than generalists
    • Micro credentialing will become more prevalent
    • Lifelong learners and companies that encourage a culture of learning will be the ones to thrive
  • Atari is opening eight video game hotels across the U.S.
  • Google’s tenth messaging service will “unify” Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Chat…The GSuite team already has a Slack clone, but now it’s making a second Slack clone.
  • AirPods: The New It Item Among the Playground Set (paywall)
  • Arvind Krishna will replace Ginni Rometty as IBM CEO in April
  • Amazon now has more than 150 million Prime members across the world
  • Corona Virus Map