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  • “…Google is placing new restrictions on which Android apps can track your location in the background, with a new review process that will check whether an app definitely needs access to the data…”
  • Intuit confirms that it is buying Credit Karma for $7.1B in cash and stock
  • Revolut raises $500 million at a $5.5 billion valuation
  • “…Amazon will open the doors to a 10,000 square-foot Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood, less than a mile from the tech giant’s downtown Seattle headquarters. It’ll be stocked with 5,000 different products…”
  • Global telcos join Alphabet, SoftBank’s flying cellphone antenna lobbying effort
  • WSJ: Teens Are Deleting Instagrams Almost as Fast as They Post Them (paywall)
  • FT/LEX: Tier/e-scooters: ride at your own risk…Competition in the sector is as crowded as the cities catered for — expect consolidation (paywall)
  • FT: Mastercard announces new chief executive (paywall)
  • PDF: The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem (World Economic Forum)
  • The a16z Marketplace 100: Index and analysis
  • YouTube has more than two billion monthly users around the world, and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute.
  • Softech 2020 Tech Report (in Turkish) 
  • Walmart is quietly working on an Amazon Prime competitor called Walmart+
  • The first protein to be discovered in a meteorite.
  • Gmail: Improving Malicious Document Detection in Gmail with Deep Learning