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  • Amazon is delivering nearly two-thirds of its own packages as e-commerce continues pandemic boom
  • Picking Locks with Audio Technology
  • Kafka Summit 2020 Videos
  • LG is releasing a ‘wearable air purifier
  • Amazon debuts Halo smart health subscription service and Halo Band wearable activity tracker
  • SpaceX will launch Masten’s first lander to the moon in 2022
  • Spotify is developing a ‘virtual events’ feature
  • iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 betas bypass Google Search on iPhones and iPads with Spotlight Search…Apple posting Search Jobs
  • The End of the Oil Age Is Upon Us…A new report suggests that over the next 30 years, at least 80 percent of the oil industry will be wiped out
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator players are flying into Hurricane Laura
  • TV watching and online streaming surge during lockdown in UK
  • A Good Life Doesn’t Mean an Easy One…A new study finds that for many, ‘psychological richness’ is more valuable than simple happiness (WSJ)
  • Bill Gates’ nuclear venture plans reactor to complement solar, wind power boom…The 345-megawatt plants would be cooled by liquid sodium and cost about $1 billion each.
  • What Travel Will Look Like After Coronavirus
  • The Pandemic Will Change American Retail Forever
  • “…The cost of batteries has long been the biggest obstacle to making electric cars affordable for the masses. As a result, electric vehicles still carry a hefty price premium compared with gas engine cars. McKinsey & Co. estimates that premium at $12,000 on average…” (WSJ)
  • Cities will transform and survive the pandemic (FT)