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  • The Long-Term Stock Exchange goes live
  • Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo
  • How Retailers Can Capture $5 Trillion of Shifting Demand
  • CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape
  • Leadership’s role in fixing the analytics models that COVID-19 broke
  • German tank problem
  • Electric car costs to remain higher than traditional engines (FT)
  • With no iPhone to launch, Apple turns to accessories and wearables (FT)“…For every 100 iPhones sold, Apple ships 49 pairs of AirPods and 14 Apple Watches, according to estimates from Canalys…”
  • Microsoft sets sights on ‘auto connectivity’ (FT)
  • Inside TikTok’s killer algorithm
  • SF drone footage during the #BayAreaFires
  • NASA wants to buy moon dirt from private companies
  • Man vs. machine: Pentagon plans 2024 dogfight between human pilot, artificial intelligence
  • Mastercard to Help Central Banks Test Their Own Digital Currencies
  • Willo, a freemium video interview SaaS, scores ~$320K during the remote work boom
  • Amazon launches Alexa Print, a way to print lists, recipes, games and educational content using your voice