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  • Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet
  • How Istanbul became the Silicon Valley of the mobile gaming industry
  • Haugen wants Facebook to change its algorithm and cooperate with researchers…serious questions about how Facebook’s algorithms work
  • A new NFT-based virtual startup investing game
  • Google Is Giving a Green Makeover to Services Like Search, Maps…And while this new routing option, which gives drivers the choice between the fastest and most fuel-efficient route
  • Google’s AI unit DeepMind makes first-ever profit (FT)
  • Amazon is reportedly working on a smart fridge
  • Long Covid now has a formal definition
  • A text message routing company suffered a five-year-long breach
  • Battery technology gives China an opening in electric vehicles (FT)
  • Uber can now track your flight so a ride home is ready when you land
  • Google Rolls Out Emission-Curbing Tools for Nest Thermostat (WSJ)
  • Code Conf Videos
  • Comcast Enters Smart-TV Market With Launch of Sky Glass in Europe
  • The software engineer will fix your car now…As sales of electric vehicles soar, spare a thought for the mechanics (FT)