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  • Online learning firm Udemy targets nearly $4 bln valuation in U.S. IPO
  • Lucy is just starting its 12-year journey to see what asteroid clusters can teach us about the early solar system.
  • The test, in a brain-dead patient, was very short but represents a milestone in the long quest to use animal organs in human transplants.
  • Twitch is testing a rewind button
  • PayPal in talks with Pinterest on takeover worth $45bn (FT)
  • Tesla has 150,000 cars using its safety score tool
  • Tesla charges forward with a record quarterly profit of $1.6 billion
  • Satya Nadella, Annual Letter
  • Amazon created 6 ‘tenets’ during talks with Starbucks about a new cashierless coffee shop, internal document shows
  • Tesla will change the type of battery cells it uses in all its standard-range cars…The new batteries will use a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry rather than nickel-cobalt-aluminum which Tesla will continue to use in its longer-range vehicles.
  • Amazon offers up more data to tell third-party sellers which items will be popular
  • Facebook’s recent trademark filings hold clues to the company’s new name
  • Path to Metaverse Expected to Go Through Videogames (WSJ)
  • Ultrafast grocery delivery has exploded in New York City
  • Starlab: Private space station planned to fly in 2027