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  •  The Global Risks Report 2022 [PDF]
  • A gene-edited pig’s heart has been transplanted into a human for the first time
  • iMessage lock-in as a valuable weapon
  • Researchers are building a black box in Tasmania to prevent the ‘crash’ of civilization
  • Apple’s Metaverse Prospects Produce Real Optimism for Investors (WSJ)
  • Microsoft augmented-reality team has lost around 100 people in the past year (WSJ)
  • Starbucks Rewards: How the Coffee Giant’s Mobile App Became a Winner (WSJ)
  • App Annie: Global app stores’ consumer spend up 19% to $170B in 2021, downloads grew 5% to 230B
  • raises $1B round at $40B valuation
  • Delivery Hero grapples with how to pass on rising rider costs (FT)
  • Web3 startups are poaching staff from Apple and Meta. Now the battle for talent is about to hit Europe’s startups
  • AWS has been working on two different projects that could mitigate the risk of another big outage
  • Chinese e-commerce giant sets challenge to Amazon with first ‘robotic shops’ in Europe