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  • Thought works: Technology Radar #26
  • Online Grocery Strategy: A Reality Check for Disruptors and Incumbents
  • Passenger planes are being converted to cargo planes at record levels to make up for disrupted ocean freight
  • Mojo Vision takes another step toward AR contact lenses with new prototype
  • Remote islands of French Polynesia, locals made their own online shopping service
  • Disney Streaming’s new CTO is a former Google exec who worked on the tech behind YouTube
  • China Plans New Restrictions in Its Booming Live-Streaming Sector (WSJ)
  • Microsoft Build 2022 will take place May 24th–26th
  • Apple plans to build its own financial infrastructure for payments and lending
  • Klarna launches new Klarna Kosma division for its open banking platform
  • Microsoft acquires process mining vendor Minit to grow its automation offerings