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  • Pinterest said global monthly active users declined by 5% from a year earlier to 433 million
  • Netflix Is Scrambling to Learn the Ad Business It Long Disdained (WSJ)
  • Amazon is buying iRobot for $1.7B
  • Most Mobile Game Genres See Revenue Declines in the U.S. During H1 2022 as Industry Headwinds Bite
  • YouTube rolls out experimental ‘pinch to zoom’ feature for Premium users
  • Researchers who previously revived some brain cells in dead pigs succeeded in repeating the process in more organs.
  • The Spotify System Model: Automated Architecture Visualization at Spotify
  • Google’s video chat merger begins: Now there are two “Google Meet” apps
  • Maintaining customer engagement is critical to maximizing long-term customer value in financial services
  • Uber reports positive cash flow for the first time… Ride-sharing group hits its target after burning through $25bn since being founded in 2009 (FT)
  • HBO Max, Discovery+ to Merge Into Single Streaming Platform Starting in Summer 2023
  • With plans to create realistic synthetic embryos, grown in jars, Renewal Bio is on a journey to the horizon of science and ethics.
  • Starbucks to unveil its web3-based rewards program next month
  • The age of brain-computer interfaces is on the horizon
  • Martı SPAC, Form 8-K
  • Monzo Growth