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  • Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT
  • Fjord Trends 2022
  • Google today announced two new performance settings in its Chrome browser: Memory Saver and Energy Saver.
  • Amazon built a computer vision algorithm from scratch to identify products without barcodes to help robots ship products to you faster.
  • Microsoft Open-Sources Agricultural AI Toolkit FarmVibes.AI
  • Disney+ launches its ad-supported tier to compete with Netflix
  • EU sets December 28th, 2024, deadline for all new phones to use USB-C for wired charging
  • DNA that was frozen for 2 million years has been sequenced
  • Chat GPT Model Size: 100 GB
  • Chat GPT average cost per chat: single digits cents per chat
  • Google combines Maps and Waze teams
  • YOLOv5 PyTorch Tutorial
  • Pixyle AI wants to make visual search more intuitive for online retailers
  • Apple launches end-to-end encryption for iCloud data
  • Nigeria bans ATM cash withdrawals over $225 a week to force use of CBDC
  • ‘Pong’ is now half a century old
  • Twitter to introduce new controls for ad placements