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  • Google Stadia is how you shut down a service right
  • Apple to Expand Smart-Home Lineup, Taking On Amazon and Google
  • Shein in talks on fundraising that would slash valuation from $100bn to $64bn (FT)
  • eBay New Recommendations Model with Three Billion Item Titles
  • German teens went crazy for this ‘compliments’ app, and now VCs are backing its next phase
  • Fintech in 2022: A story of falling funding, fewer unicorns and insurtech M&A
  • Oro, an open-source B2B ecommerce platform from Magento’s cofounder, raises $13M
  • Creating an SRE Culture while preventing a 12 million order loss
  • Android 13 is running on 5.2% of all devices five months after launch
  • Debugging Threads and Asynchronous Code
  • AI Claude Passes Law and Economics Exam
  • ChatGPT listed as author on research papers: many scientists disapprove
  • “…NASA’s Mars Helicopter Opens the Door for Flight on Other Worlds…from a nuclear-powered copter on Saturn’s moon Titan to blimps on Venus, space engineers are planning innovative flying machines to explore faraway landscapes
  • Apple unveils M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, featuring new Neural Engine and more
  • Business leaders must understand Vuca and Spofs
  • 2022 global smartphone shipments were the lowest in nearly a decade