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  • HBO’s ‘Succession’ Season 4 premieres on March 26
  • Intel posted a 32% year-over-year decline in revenue and a net loss of $644 million for the quarter
  • Report: Stripe tried to raise more funding at a $55B-$60B valuation
  • Uber Eats now shows you how much of your information is shared with delivery people
  • Evident, a benchmarking and intelligence company, says its inaugural Index can rank the 23 largest banks in North America and Europe on their competence in AI.
  • How Microsoft could use ChatGPT
  • Deepfakes for scrawl: With handwriting synthesis, no pen is necessary
  • Nvidia recently released a beta version of Eye Contact, an AI-powered software video feature that automatically maintains eye contact for you while on-camera by estimating and aligning gaze
  • AirPods are earplugs now
  • AI Developers Release Open-Source Implementations of ChatGPT Training Algorithm
  • Java Licensing Model
  • Performance Testing At Scale—for BFCM and Beyond
  • Google releases Flutter 3.7, teases future of app development framework