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  • The century of the self
  • Apple: installed base crosses 2 billion active devices…Q1 revenue down 5% YoY to $117.2B
  • Apple says it now has 935 million paid subscriptions
  • Google Unveils MusicLM
  • Alphabet reports Q4 revenue up 1% YoY to $76B, net income down 34% YoY to $13.6B, Google Cloud revenue up 32% YoY to $7.3B…YouTube Ad Revenue Drops by Nearly 8%
  • Twitter will discontinue offering free access to the Twitter API starting February 9 and will launch a paid version
  • GPT-4 could pop up in Bing, as Google races to build chatbot search products
  • Netflix lists rules and exemptions to prevent account sharing outside household
  • Digital 2023 Report
  • Every Programmer Should Know
  • Amazon ramped up content spending to $16.6B in 2022, including $7B on originals
  • Event-Driven Architecture Models
  • The end of free returns is coming
  • ChatGPT: The Unexpected API Test Automation Help
  • Cloud Native Security Con (Video)
  • How AI Will Transform Project Management