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  • Shares of SVB Financial tumbled 60% on Thursday after the bank announced a plan to raise more than $2 billion in capital
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Booming—So Is Its Carbon Footprint…”...Training GPT-3, which is a single general-purpose AI program that can generate language and has many different uses, took 1.287 gigawatt hours, according to a research paper published in 2021, or about as much electricity as 120 US homes would consume in a year. That training generated 502 tons of carbon emissions, according to the same paper, or about as much as 110 US cars emit in a year…
  • Chinese video game developers accounted for 40 of the world’s top 100 mobile games publishers by revenue last month, says Sensor Tower
  • eBPF with Thomas Graf…eBPF stands for “extended Berkeley Packet Filter” and is a technology that allows developers to write and run highly efficient and secure programs that can analyze and modify data packets as they move through a system
  • Bird still has a long way to go to reach profitability
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