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  • The ChatGPT Cheat Sheet
  • Apple to Spend $1 Billion a Year on Films to Break Into Cinemas
  • “…Arm planned to stop charging chipmakers royalties for using its designs based on a chip’s value and instead charge device makers based on the value of the device…” (FT)
  • Google engineering head Urs Hölzle’s plan for increased efficiency, starting with rebalancing the different types of engineers
  • Microsoft Loop brings together all of Microsoft 365 into shared workspaces, and it’s available in preview
  • UK regulator warns on Broadcom’s $69bn VMware deal (FT)
  • new WhatsApp app for Windows
  • Nearly 70% of people using ChatGPT at work haven’t told their bosses about it, survey finds
  • Timeline of the most recent ChatGPT updates
  • HashiCorp Consul Improves Envoy Integration, Adds Debugging Tool
  • Oracle has released Java 20, and says that since Java 11 in 2018 it has contributed over 70% of the fixes and features, measured by issues in the JIRA issue tracking system.
  • How AI experts are using GPT-4
  • In a circular economy, products are used again and again, which reduces our use of precious raw materials and cuts CO2 emissions.
  • VW will support Android Automotive for the “lifetime” of a car—15 years
  • ChatGPT will make Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters redundant — in less than 2 years
  • JPMorgan to Test Using Face or Palm Recognition for Payments…Pilot program may include this year’s Formula 1 race in Miami