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  • Google to deploy generative AI to create sophisticated ad campaigns (FT)
  • OpenAI’s hunger for data is coming back to bite it….”…OpenAI’s GPT-2 model had a data set consisting of 40 gigabytes of text. GPT-3, which ChatGPT is based on, was trained on 570 GB of data. OpenAI has not shared how big the data set for its latest model, GPT-4, is…”
  • Atari acquires the rights to over 100 PC and console classics
  • “…IBM’s revenue increased 0.4% from a year earlier in the quarter, according to a statement. Net income rose 26% to $927 million, or $1.02 a share, for continuing operations….”
  • Technology is transforming the deadly voyage from Cuba to Florida
  • Building telescopes on the Moon is becoming an achievable goal
  • Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative Bluesky hits Android
  • Apple Card’s new high-yield Savings account is now available, offering a 4.15 percent APY
  • Scientists identify mind-body nexus in human brain
  • Google Fi gets third rebrand in 8 years, adds free trial for eSim phones
  • Solar sails could guide interplanetary travel, says new study