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  • Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about Apple’s Vision Pro
  • Everything announced at WWDC 2023, as summed up by Apple
    • Apple Vision Pro
    • iOS 17
  • “Instagram’s upcoming Twitter competitor…The internal codename for the app is “Project 92,” and its public name could be Threads, based on internal documents also seen by The Verge. ..”
  • Meta plans to put AI everywhere on its platforms
  • The Khan Lab School trials Khanmigo, an AI chatbot developed by Khan Academy to simulate one-on-one tutoring, one of the first such experiments in the US
  • Exclusive: Google lays out its vision for securing AISAIF
  • an updated 4K version of the default Windows XP wallpaper
  • WhatsApp’s new Channels feature brings social media to your messaging app
  • Breaking Down the Monolith
  • The power of AI in wildfire prediction and prevention
  • Bringing VR to the Masses Has Been a Decadeslong Challenge