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  • The Remote Playbook (GitLab)
  • TikTok looks to challenge Amazon and Shein with new e-commerce initiative
  • Apple’s iOS 17 Will Decode Your Car’s Dashboard Symbols and Warning Lights
  • Apple Vision Pro has a speed limit, Travel Mode required for use on flights
  • Neuralink competitor Precision Neuroscience conducts its first clinical study to map human brain signals
  • Microsoft opened the FTC hearing with a Sony bombshell
  • As the crypto markets continue to face uncertainty, Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong sees greater potential for the digital asset ecosystem to grow.
  • Hospital Cyber Attacks Surge, Risking Struggling Bottom Lines
  • Harvard is encouraging students to use ‘CS50 bot’ as their 24/7 learning assistant.
  • Developer tools to create spatial experiences for Apple Vision Pro now available
  • Jack Ma-Backed Ant Developing Large Language Model Technology
  • YouTube to launch its first official shopping channel in South Korea, Yonhap reports
  • The economic potential of generative AI
  • Discord Migrates Trillions of Messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB