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  • Meta launches Llama 2, a source-available AI model that allows commercial applications
  • Microsoft closes at record after revealing pricing for new A.I. subscription“…It will cost an additional $30 per month and could increase monthly prices for enterprise customers as much as 83%, bringing in additional revenue through recurring subscriptions…”
  • Google restricting internet access to some employees to reduce cyberattack risk
  • Tractable snaps up $65M led by SoftBank for car and property damage appraisals using AI
  • Nvidia nears deal for stake in Lambda Labs – report
  • US government launches the Cyber Trust Mark, its long-awaited IoT security labeling program
  • Microsoft launches vector search in preview, voice cloning in general availability
  • Tesla launches ‘Charge on Solar’ to charge your cars with sunshine“…Your vehicle will charge from solar and the grid when your current charge level is below the left sun slider. After your vehicle’s charge level passes the sun slider, your vehicle automatically switches to only charge on excess solar up to your charge limit…”
  • “Telecom Italia…about 25 years ago a group of executives from the carrier flew to California to meet Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, with an audacious plan to buy the tech company at a time it was struggling to make headway against rivals like International Business Machines Corp…”
  • Gurman: First M3 Apple Silicon Macs likely to launch in October
  • “…The newest feature of ChatGPT…It’s called “custom instructions,” and it gives you a place to tell your chatbot the things it should always know about you and how you’d like it to respond to your questions. …It should be particularly helpful on mobile devices…”
  • GitHub’s Copilot Chat AI feature is now available in public beta
  • Here’s why the best IMAX movies still need a Palm Pilot to work
  • Mojo is a newly presented programming language that combines the simplicity of Python with the speed and memory security of Rust. Mojo programming manual
  • “…As of May 2023, around 440 nuclear reactors were operating in 33 countries with a capacity of 390GWe, according to the World Nuclear Association, while a further 60 power reactors are being constructed in 15 countries including China, India and Russia…”
  • Sergey Brin Is Back in the Trenches at Google
  • NASA’s Psyche Mission Enters Home Stretch Before Launch
  • Google raising price of YouTube Premium to $13.99 per month