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  • Blackhat 2023
  • Analyzing the Security of Low Earth Orbit Satellites
  • Ai4 2023 Day One Main Stage Recap
  • Ai4 2023 Day Two Main Stage Recap
  • China’s internet giants order $5 bln of Nvidia chips to power AI ambitions
  • Sam Altman’s Eyeball-Scanning Crypto Project Worldcoin Is Having An Identity Crisis
  • To disallow GPTBot to access your site
  • Zoom Ends No-Meeting Wednesday Policy, Calling It ‘Barrier to Collaboration
  • “…Once again we can learn about IT strategy and architecture from popular culture: the engine room matters…”
  • Volume Down, Subtitles On: 51% of Us Read Along With Our Favorite Shows
  • Anthropic launches improved version of its entry-level LLM
  • Jeli is bringing generative AI to incident report analysis
  • July was world’s hottest month on record, climate scientists confirm
  • Video calls are coming to X, formerly Twitter, CEO confirms