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  • New York Times, CNN and Australia’s ABC block OpenAI’s GPTBot web crawler from accessing content
  • ARM IPO F-1 document
  • Dropbox Ends Unlimited Cloud Storage Following Google Change
  • What prevents search orgs from being successful?
  • First Pass Ranker and Ad Retrieval, Ad Level Optimization for Reddit Ads
  • “…In 2022, AirPods reportedly brought in $14.5 billion in revenue. Assuming a 50% profit margin, that’s over $7 billion in profit just from a single product. To put this into perspective, AirPods is more profitable than Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, Snapchat and eBay. Combined…”
  • AI-powered brain implants help paralyzed patients communicate faster than ever
  • California deploys AI-powered wildfire detection systems…New system scans over 1,000 cameras for signs of smoke—with 77 hits so far.
  • Tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis and die if climate crisis continues, scientists warn…The average critical temperature beyond which photosynthetic machinery in tropical trees begins to fail is 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46.7 degrees Celsius).
  • Drought affecting Panama Canal threatens 40% of world’s cargo ship traffic
  • Nvidia press release announcing the company’s financial results, which include a quarterly revenue of $13.51 billion, up 101 percent from a year ago and 88 percent from the previous quarter.
  • Firefox users may import Chrome extensions now