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  • Monthly U.S. ad revenue at social media platform X has declined at least 55% year-over-year
  • Amazon Prepares to Challenge SpaceX’s Starlink
  • The latest Android version (14) adds customizable lock screens, better passkey support, and new on-device health features
  • Managing Software at Scale: Kelsey Hightower Talks with Niklas Gustavsson about Fleet Management
  • Digital nomads are travelling by day and working by night
  • QCon San Francisco 2023 Day 1: Architectures, Data Engineering, Infra Languages, Staff+ Skills
  • QCon San Francisco 2023 Day 2: Design for Resilience, Platform Engineering, Modern ML, JVM Trends
  • Sony’s high-bitrate movie service is now available on PS5 and PS4
  • Building a Global Experimentation Platform: The Technical Challenges
  • Resharper 2023.2 Brings Predictive Debugger
  • PayPay: QR the one to lighten SoftBank’s gloom
  • Spotify pushes into audiobooks in challenge to Amazon’s Audible
  • Spotify is adding auto-generated transcripts to millions of podcasts
  • Python 3.12 new features
  • Java 21, the Next LTS Release, Delivers Virtual Threads, Record Patterns and Pattern Matching