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  • State of AI: 2023 Report
  • Akka vs ZIO: Framework Battle
  • Apple Wallet app can now show current account balances from UK banks
  • Microsoft closes $68.7B Activision Blizzard acquisition as UK approves restructured deal
  • Atlassian to acquire former unicorn Loom for $975M
  • Video Game Cyberpunk 2077 Uses AI To Replace Deceased Voice Actor
  • Tesla API
  • SpaceX details Starlink-for-phones plan, launching in 2024
  • Cutting cloud cost by 99.9% when serving 128 TB data and 5 billion requests
  • What is a bank?
  • SpaceX‚Äôs Falcon Heavy launches NASA Psyche mission to metal asteroid
  • Citi earning results
  • Netflix is opening physical stores in 2025 as marketing ploy
  • Adobe previews AI upscaling
  • Microsoft is officially splitting from VBScript after a 27-year relationship and plans to remove the scripting language entirely in a future Windows release