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  • Ben Evans: AI and everything else, presentation
  • …Google’s plan to implement a new Tracking Protection feature in Chrome begins in January with the intention to completely disable third-party cookies in the second half of 2024
  • Amazon’s Project Kuiper confirms its super-fast satellite communication tech works in space
  • Production-Like Testing Environments in Software Development…why production-like testing environments can be critical for delivering high-quality, reliable software and how teams can detect and address issues early.
  • Adobe Firefly
  • Tesla to remote patch 2M vehicles
  • Nvidia’s employees are suddenly so rich and happy that the company’s got a ‘semi retirement’ problem, insiders say
  • Spotify confirms test of prompt-based AI playlists feature
  • Top Business Leaders Pick the Year’s 62 Must-Reads
  • “…NASA’s veteran Voyager 1 spacecraft has stopped transmitting engineering and science data back to Earth. The issue appears to be with the Flight Data System (FDS), which is not communicating correctly with one of the probe’s subsystems – the Telemetry Modulation Unit (TMU)…”
  • Distributed Cloud Architecture for Resilient Systems
  • Scaling an Engineering Org: A Journey Through Roles and Responsibilities