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  • OpenAI’s Annualized Revenue Tops $1.6 Billion
  • Microsoft’s Copilot app is now available on iOS
  • “Figma…The AI can summarize your digital stickies and suggest next steps, and Jambot can rewrite meeting notes into the form of an email to a product manager…”
  • SpaceX came close to 100 launches in 2023
  • Microsoft disables MSIX protocol handler abused in malware attacks
  • How AI-created fakes are taking business from online influencers
  • AI stethoscope…The tool has been licensed by medical regulators
  • Volkswagen-backed JAC Yiwei EV powered by sodium-ion battery starts mass production in China
  • The AI revolution’s first year: has anything changed?
  • The Skills Revolution and the Future of Learning and Earning
  • Google agrees to settle Chrome incognito mode class action lawsuit
  • Amazon plans to make its own hydrogen to power vehicles
  • uVitals – An Anomaly Detection & Alerting System
  • The Art of HPC
  • Microservices Resilient Testing Framework
  • How Did Companies Use Generative AI in 2023? Here’s a Look at Five Early Adopters