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  • Apple announces sweeping EU App Store changes
  • Elon Musk’s AI start-up seeks to raise $6bn
  • Apple Podcasts now offers auto-generated transcripts in iOS 17.4
  • Google’s Project IDX brings Android and iOS simulators to the browser
  • The Future of Global Fintech: Towards Resilient and Inclusive Growth
  • AI and emerging technology at Davos 2024
  • Future of cities and local economies at Davos 2024
  • “…“The GitHub token gave ‘unrestricted’ and ‘unmonitored’ access to the entire source code hosted at the internal GitHub Enterprise Server,” Mittal explained in a report shared by TechCrunch…”
  • Kids spent 60% more time on TikTok than YouTube last year, 20% tried OpenAI’s ChatGPT
  • Apple opens App Store to game streaming services
  • Amazon released a new generative AI feature to answer shopper’s questions
  • Stopping Uber Fraudsters Through Risk Challenges
  • The Mac turns 40
  • Doomsday Clock stays at 90 seconds to midnight
  • Apple Dials Back Car’s Self-Driving Features and Delays Launch to 2028
  • Microsoft Launches Azure Quantum Development Kit 1.0
  • Discord Scales to 1 Million+ Online MidJourney Users in a Single Server