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  • World’s first year-long breach of key 1.5C warming limit
  • OpenAI on track to hit $2bn revenue milestone as growth rockets…Sam Altman is aiming to raise as much as $7 trillion to significantly increase the world’s supply of semiconductor chips
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  • Nvidia chases $30 billion designing custom chip market with new unit
  • Disney’s Epic deal…The $1.5 billion investment 9% stake in Epic Games
  • Fintech startups that could go public in 2024
  • Can a $3,500 headset replace your TV
  • AI cannot be used to deny health care coverage, feds clarify to insurers
  • Modern gRPC Microservices: REST Gateways, Part 2
  • Uber posted its first full-year profit since going public in 2019
  • Vision Pro apps (so far)
  • 20+ states exploring support for Apple’s digital IDs in Wallet feature
  • The Future Is Cloud-Native: Are You Ready?