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  • Open AI
    • OpenAI is reportedly making its own search app to compete with Google
    • Sam Altman owns OpenAI’s venture capital fund
    • Open AI new video generating model Sora
  • Every Default macOS Wallpaper
  • Next-generation model: Gemini 1.5
  • Nvidia’s “Chat With RTX” is a ChatGPT-style app that runs on your own GPU
  • How Uber Serves Over 40 Million Reads Per Second from Online Storage Using an Integrated Cache
  • The first Android 15 preview is coming this week
  • How Platform and Site Reliability Engineering Are Evolving DevOps
  • How AI is transforming the business of advertising
  • Kong’s new open source AI Gateway makes building multi-LLM apps easier
  • Apple is reportedly working on AI updates to Spotlight and Xcode
  • Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service grows to 34 million subscribers