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  • Nvidia hits $2 trillion valuation
  • Microsoft releases its internal generative AI red teaming tool to the public…PyRIT can generate thousands of malicious prompts to test a gen AI model, and even score its response.
  • Windows is getting its own Magic Eraser to AI-modify your photos
  • Humane pushes Ai Pin ship date to mid-April
  • Google is sunsetting the Google Pay app in the US later this year
  • Unlocking AI Assisted Development Safely: From Idea to GA
  • Virtual Staging AI helps Realtors digitally furnish rooms within seconds
  • Switzerland calls on UN to explore possibility of solar geoengineering
  • Reddit files to list IPO
  • Mercedes-Benz backs off plan to only sell EVs by 2030
  • Are you ready to back up your AI chatbot’s promises?
  • React 19 introduced