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  • Educators divided over AI’s impact
  • CodableRPC: An iOS UI Testing Power Tool
  • Xiaomi releases electric car $4K cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3
  • The Field Guide to Non-Engagement Signals
  • Major companies put U.S. cyber defenses to the test in simulated attack
  • Axios Review: Using Apple’s Vision Pro in real life
  • NYC will test AI gun detectors on the subway
  • Model Excellence Scores: A Framework for Enhancing the Quality of Machine Learning Systems at Scale
  • Scaling AI/ML Infrastructure at Uber
  • 30 books that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates recommend reading
  • 20 years of Gmail
  • Being a Backend Developer Today Feels Harder Than 20 Years Ago
  • How We’ll Reach a 1 Trillion Transistor GPU
  • Amazon concludes $4 billion investment in Anthropic
  • How Apple plans to update new iPhones without opening them
  • Distributed Caching: Enhancing Performance in Modern Applications
  • Monitoring Generative AI Applications in Production
  • Inc. plans to spend almost $150 billion in the coming 15 years on data centers, giving the cloud-computing giant the firepower to handle an expected explosion in demand for artificial intelligence applications and other digital services.
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