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  • Google Cloud Next ‘24 – a recap
  • Development velocity
  • Elon Musk’s xAI previews Grok-1.5V, its first multimodal model
  • Naval Ravikant’s Airchat is a social app built around talk
  • AI Models : “...That’s the most common model for it. And so, today’s models cost of order $100 million to train, plus or minus factor two or three…The models that are in training now and that will come out at various times later this year or early next year are closer in cost to $1 billion. So that’s already happening. And then I think in 2025 and 2026, we’ll get more towards $5 or $10 billion…
  • Big banks are in a race to get AI right…AI Innovation in Banking
  • Humane AI Pin review: not even close
  • Global internal payment fraud system at Delivery Hero
  • Space: The $1.8 Trillion Opportunity for Global Economic Growth
  • Fine porcelain maker Maruwa becomes the hottest bet for cooling AI data centres