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  • Microsoft “doubling down” on cybersecurity “…engineering leads at Microsoft are now prioritizing security over new features or shipping products more quickly…”
  • YouTube Q1 Ad Revenue Climbs 21% to $8.1 Billion
  • Microsoft Q1 Cloud revenue $35.1 billion
  • AI models inch closer to hacking on their own
  • Apple releases eight small AI language models aimed at on-device use…Apple’s new AI models, collectively named OpenELM for “Open-source Efficient Language Models,”…
  • JetBrains Launches IDE Services to Simplify Managing Development Tools
  • Sam Altman, Jensen Huang, and the 20 other leaders on the new AI safety board
  • Understanding API Technologies: A Comparative Analysis of REST, GraphQL, and Asynchronous APIs
  • QCon London: Meta Used Monolithic Architecture to Ship Threads in Only Five Months
  • Android TVs Can Expose User Email Inboxes
  • DragonCrawl: Generative AI for High-Quality Mobile Testing
  • Apple Reportedly Developing Its Own Custom Silicon for AI Servers