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  • Big Tech companies sign CISA pledge to improve security practices
  • Google DeepMind’s new AI predicts how the molecules of life interact…that could open roads to new drugs or more resilient crops.
  • Moving from DynamoDB to tiered storage with MySQL+S3
  • Cloud Egress Costs Compared
  • Cloud Native AI (PDF)
  • OpenAI plans to announce Google search competitor on Monday
  • Apple Event Summary
  • ‘Warp drives’ may actually be possible someday
  • John Ternus emerging as most likely successor to Tim Cook as Apple CEO
  • WhatsApp officially rolling out update with refreshed design for iOS and Android
  • Google’s Sundar Pichai Lays Out His AI Roadmap
  • Jevons paradox
  • Elvish: scripting language
  • Meta Releases Llama 3 Open-Source LLM
  • Half grain-sized brain tissue with 1400 TB data mapped by Harvard, Google
  • NASA’s Proposed Plasma Rocket Would Get Us to Mars in 2 Months
  • Microsoft is launching a mobile game store, taking on Apple and Google