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  • GPT-4o blog post, Sam Altman’s blog post
  • Google I/O 2024 recap
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max will get a new battery that has a greater energy density than before
  • ChatGPT now lets you import files directly from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive
  • Hong Kong Officially Launches Digital Yuan Payments Pilot
  • Hugging Face to make $10M worth of old Nvidia GPUs freely available to AI devs
  • VMware Fusion Pro: Now Available Free for Personal Use
  • Microservices Design Patterns for Highly Resilient Architecture
  • Advanced Linux Troubleshooting Techniques for Site Reliability Engineers
  • Hugging Face Unveils LeRobot, an Open-Source Machine Learning Model for Robotics
  • Critical minerals problem
  • Strategic Cybersecurity Talent Framework
  • Shaping the Future of Learning: The Role of AI in Education 4.0
  • Realizing the Potential of Global Digital Jobs